World Leader in Forensic Science

Hello. I'm Pat Wertheim. I'm a world renowned forensic scientist and fingerprint expert. I've devoted my career to scientific analysis of fingerprints using contemporary best practices. I've trained law enforcement agents around the world in collection and analysis of fingerprint evidence. I'd be happy to help you change the world too.

What I do​

Pat has trained thousands of fingerprint examiners, spoken at hundreds of conferences, published dozens of scientific papers, and is in the process of authoring a book on some of his major cases that have drawn worldwide scrutiny.

He enjoys being involved with the science of fingerprints on all levels. He is a proud life member of the International Association for Identification and Texas and California Divisions of IAI.

Pat served for nearly two decades on the Scientific Working Group on Friction Ridge Analysis, Study & Technology.

He currently sits on the editorial board for the Journal of Forensic Identification.

I Teach.

I've trained thousands of law enforcement professionals as well as hundreds of law enforcement agencies around the world. 

I Speak.

I'm a guest speaker for numerous university-level forensic science courses and podcasts. Contact me for more information.

I Write.

I write a weekly blog which I share on LinkedIn. I'm in the final edit of my new book with co-author Kathy Saviers, detailing cases I investigated that had global ramifications. 

Are you an attorney?

If your client has been accused of a crime, and fingerprints are involved, let's chat. No charge for initial email or phone consultation.

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Get Trained

I'm currently offering webinars through TriTech Forensic Training, from basic fingerprint lifting strategies to fingerprint forgery and fabrication. Check out their schedule for my courses, and other excellent forensics training courses.